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  1. Now that you mention it, I do think I used one of his macros when making this one. But it has been terribly frankensteined into whatever this is. Haha Not yours, but it is based off of your macro. I couldn't find much info on macros in chief so I used yours as one of my only resources for how all of this worked. This is really smart, and I should take the time to implement this in the new macro I am going to have to make. Great idea! I definitely should have done this. Thanks for letting me know! I'll make that change and then when you analyze type later in the code and maybe add a check for yourself: This is a much more concise approach that I will almost definitely implement this time.
  2. I recently updated to X15 and after doing so I have had a few problems. The last one I have to fix is my macro for auto cabinet label generation. I am by no means a programmer and I barely understood ruby when I made this macro. I have been trying to relearn but I still can't figure out what my problem is. I have attached my macro below and this is the error I have been getting: Evaluation Error: Ruby TypeError: no implicit conversion of nil into String Stack Trace: from eval:10:in `eval' from eval:10:in `block (2 levels) in <main>' from eval:4:in `loop' from eval:4:in `block in <main>' Any help is apricated. Thanks in advance! CabinetAutoLabel2.json
  3. Okay, I've double checked the system requirements and am still stumped. I'll reach out to support next. Thank you all for your help!
  4. I'll read the documentation for X15, but I can't imagine that they would deprecate older cards. They should just run slower, I would think.
  5. Yes I am still having the same issue. I also tried everything that you mentioned here and it is still persisting. Also, I should mention I am on a different machine currently, and a far worse one at that. So, I am rocking a RX550 instead of the 1660, meaning no nvidia control panel to set chief to use graphics card in.
  6. Hmmmm. Strange. Maybe it is a driver problem with my GPU? Or some other client side problem that is not related to the .plan file.
  7. My bad. Here it is. 2023.6.13 Cranmer.plan
  8. I recently updated to x15 Premier and have loved the new features. However, I just ran into a problem. The camera tool is kind of busted. Standard view only renders the glass in the windows and light sources. Physically Based is a grey screen. Clay is also a grey screen. And finally, Duotone only renders the glass and light sources again. Is this a problem that other people have ran into? Any suggestions and help are appreciated as I use the camera view a lot in my design process. I have attached to images that show the two main problems.
  9. Thanks, I would love if there was another sizing option in the object specifications page. Either a toggle to include casing in width or a separate number field. But for now taking a dimension of the window including casing will do.
  10. I have been trying to find a way to size windows based on the overall window size including the interior/exterior molding. I am mostly sure this isn't possible but last time I thought that someone here showed me a way to do exactly what I wanted. Thanks in advance.
  11. Ok, I was kind of afraid of that. I was hoping chief would be smart enough to look past users and use relative paths, because other than the users having different names, all of the items are in the same path. Thanks for your quick response though.
  12. I have been working on customizing my toolbar with custom objects from my library to help speed up my design process. However, I work on both my desktop and laptop. And when I tried to move the newly made custom toolbar from one computer to the other every "Place Library Object" tool was reset, and I will have to reassign them all again. When transferring the the toolbar I copied not only the .toolbar file but everything in the Toolbars route file. This is what I see after importing the toolbar. I am sure there is a simple reason that this is happening as always when I run into problems.
  13. Thank you both! I ended up using this last week and it worked perfectly. Now I am having different problems with toolbars, but I will make a new thread for that.
  14. Perfect! Thank you both! I guess this was a good old case of using the wrong term when searching for a solution, but this is exactly what I was looking for.
  15. I have been trying to reduce the time I spend on a design, and I realized that there are a few groups of cabinets and panels that I use a lot. I would like to save these cabinets as a group and place them all at once. However, I still need them to be individual cabinets for schedule and modularity purposes. It seems like this is out of Chief's current reach. I just wanted to make sure this wasn't possible before adding it to the suggestions forum. Oh before I forget an example of when I would want this. Almost every kitchen I design has a cabinet above a fridge supported by two full length panels on either side. I would like to place both panels and the cabinet at the same time. And even the fridge if possible.
  16. Thank you!!! I have been dying without when and else statements. Believe it or not, but I do know how to code in other languages. I don't know why this one is throwing me for such a loop.
  17. Thank you!! I will give this a look, but from the name it seems like exactly what I have been looking for.
  18. Yeah, I would love to but have not found a way to comment out a line. I know it has to be simple but every time that I look it up I get ruby implantations in a IDE and from what I can tell non of those methods work in chief's ruby implementation. No I did not, but I will definantly check it out now.
  19. I have returned to this forum once again in seek some help with ruby and macros. I have been working on a macro to automate cabinet labels. So far I have a mostly working macro, but I feel like my hands are tied and my eyes are closed. First of all the documentation on chief implementation of ruby and its capabilities it really lacking. And second, I don't have the Ruby terminal. I think this is because I am running Interiors, but am not sure as all Chief says is that there is limited use of Ruby in this version. Anyways, right now I would love to have a list of all callable object attributes. I honestly don't even know if that is the right name for what I am looking for. I am trying to find a list of what info I can scrape from a cabinet. So, what can I put after obj. (ie. obj.width, obj.type)? I think I could find this by running the selected.names command in the terminal, but I have no way of knowing. This is my current macro. It is built from parts of a macro from @MarkMc and whatever I have been able to come up with from random trial and error. If you see something I could improve on, I am open to suggestions as long as they have a good explanation with them. Thanks in advance! Macro: obj = owner obj = referenced unless referenced.nil? obj.depth type = obj.type.to_s nf = nf.unit = 'in' nf.use_fractions = true nf.show_unit = false nf.apply(obj.depth) standard_size = 24.0 if type == 'base_cabinet' standard_size = 12.0 if type == 'wall_cabinet' standard_size = 24.0 if type == 'full_height_cabinet' depth = nf.apply(obj.depth) if obj.depth.to_f != standard_size standard_size_height = 36 if type == 'base_cabinet' standard_size_height = 0.0 if type == 'full_height_cabinet' height = nf.apply(obj.height) if obj.height.to_f != standard_size_height width = nf.apply(obj.width) nomen = 'B' if type == 'base_cabinet' nomen = 'W' if type == 'wall_cabinet' nomen = 'T' if type == 'full_height_cabinet' hinging = owner.door_swing label = "" label << nomen << width.to_s << height.to_s << depth.to_s << hinging p label
  20. Ok, that's what I was assuming at this point, but it's nice to have it confirmed. Thanks for saving me time in trying to figure this out!
  21. I'll new to Chief and have learned that this form might be one of the best resources I have ever used. I am trying to streamline my design process and to do that I would love to be able to change cabinet ends to finished or paneled faster and easier. I tried to make a SP to do this, but I couldn't figure it out. I also thought that there might be a way to do this with macros is a SP, but I know even less about macros than I do Chief. Any help is appreciated, and if it's not possible that's fine I'll know not to spend more time on this.
  22. Thank you so much for all of the help. I would really be lost without it. So, I also noticed that there is another macro called "new_label". I don't understand what it does, or even what an oip is. I think this might have come from the SP that you provided. Also, I noticed the short description inside the macro, still don't understand what it does or how it works. I tried making my own SP and when I added the "new_label" macro to the custom label section it displays nothing. Again, thanks for all of the help.
  23. Thank you for the reminder. I updated my signature.
  24. I am new to Chief but so far I love it. Far better than my previous software. So far, the only problem that I have had is using macros to create a custom label for cabinets. All I am trying to do is get chief's labels to match my manufacture nomenclature. I know I could manually change it on every cabinet, but that seems like to much work and honestly a waste of time. So could someone give me some help. Either a bit of a guide on custom macros and some recourses and documentation (which I, for the life of myself, can't find), or maybe a working-ish or example macro. Some examples:(chief nomenclature, needed nomenclature) 3DB24, B3D24 U242484L, T2484L FHB24L, BF24L Thanks in advance for the help! And if I didn't give enough information or if there is a better way to go about this, please let me know. Oh, almost forgot. I am running Interiors x14.