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  1. @BenPalmer You're right, it's called "On Object". Nearest snap is an AutoCAD term, my bad. For those who are wondering where it's located- Here's the dialogue box below.
  2. @Chiefusermickey Same Issues here... Snaps/Grid Snaps are turned on. When drawing walls, they snap at 1" increments; however, when you're placing items such as windows, they don't snap on a 1" increment which will leave you with a fraction to deal with. Not sure why the placement of items don't snap or have the option to - it's tedious going around the plan Well... I just figured it out. It's not snapping because we have the "nearest" snap on. Which disregards the snap units. Solution is pretty simple. Two options you can do: 1) When you're drawing and placing, slightly move your cursor away from the wall until the nearest snap icon disappears. 2) Turn the nearest snap off in your osnaps Let me know if this helps! Zack vs (Below - Cursor moved away from the wall, and now there is no red near snap icon - meaning I'm on snap now if I have my snap grid on)