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  1. Thanks... that worked And in my defense.... I'm a newbie at this stuff
  2. This bath appears to work in all the 3d views, but the shower floor pan obscures shower door in working plan view. If I shrink the size of the pan I can "uncover" the door. Mystified. Upstairs South Bathroom -
  3. I am currently "renting" Interiors and would like to upgrade to Premier. How can I switch without loosing credit for the months I've already rented?
  4. Here is the file. I "patched" the problem by creating a material region. But there still is no floor. This is just for a bathroom on the second floor of a house with the ceiling contained by a sloped roof and knee wall. Upstairs South Bathroom -
  5. @rgardner good suggestion. I fixed it by defining a floor material region under the room.
  6. When trying to change tile material to d different one, I deleted the floor to this first floor room. Rebuilding Walls, Floor and Ceiling doesn't work How do I build a new floor under this room?
  7. I am running into difficulty trying to get this space mouse to work with CA on a Mac. The mouse works fine with other tools like Sketchup. But it hit or miss with CA. Wonder if others have run into this problem and been able to resolve it.
  8. I have tried copying the material and rotating it. That works fine. But I still have the same problem is I apply it to a cabinet which has both drawers and door. The doors and drawers are always 90 degrees off. The doors have the grain vertical and the drawers horizontal, or vise versa. Ive tried this on the standard build cabinets that CA makes, and also on library manufacturers cabinets and get the same results
  9. I am trying to align the orientation of the materials on a base cabinet with both drawers and doors. When I use the material painter to apply "Teak" for example, to a standard vanity cabinet, the drawers and the doors are always 90 degrees off. If I rotate thee texture of the cabinet 90 degrees, they both rotate. I need to rotate the doors or the cabinets separately. I want both the drawers and doors to have the texture apply in the same vertical or horizontal orientation.