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  1. I’m running a RTX4070Ti so I don’t believe it’s an “older card” issue.
  2. I am seeing the same thing in my renders and its not allowing you to export a render without it having that grey background. Hope there is a simple solution.
  3. Rene, I'm surprised to see you went with a Samsung Display, from my experience they are extremely hard to read text on BUT that also could just be the ones I used/saw. They do make great renderings though! (so that probably makes sense for the rendering god). Thanks for all of the other inputs its really got me thinking more and more about how I want to proceed. I work in a converted attic space so very little ambient lighting and no windows. I have been toying with the idea of getting the Aorus FV43U and just segmenting the screen real estate with fancyzones to mimic a ultrawide with supplemental windows I currently use the LG 34GP83A-B (which is amazing) and a Samsung M7 Smart Monitor (which is terrible). With the extremely poor quality from the Samsung, I basically just don't use it so my screen real estate is mostly on the LG which is terrible for workflows. Thanks everyone for the input!
  4. Thanks Joe, 1. which tvs are those 2.likes and dislikes about your setup 3.Why did you go this route? (no wrong answers here)
  5. I know this topic has been covered in several different ways but I was wondering if we could start a thread showcasing user setups with pictures of there desk layout and maybe a clearer explanation of the "why" they set it up the way the did and how they utilize it (i.e. what primarily is on which monitor (and why), desk space for XXX, etc.) I will say I have moved my set up 5 times now in the last year and even tried using a 50" TV just to get a feel for if monitor real estate was my missing link and still I'm not happy with my setup and it ultimately leads to being less efficient with my work flow. I know there is no such thing as the "ULTIMATE" setup but I think learning from each other can really help and knowing the why is (to me) the most important piece. So I think something like this can not only help us that are newer but also help more experienced users get alternate perspectives.
  6. Yes sir, you can see the wall in the plan just not the schedule:
  7. Ok, I give on this one. I have looked for 2 days and can't figure this one out. I have created a new custom wall type and the 2D symbol will not show up in the schedule. I know I am missing something simple but at this point I will defer to the experts!
  8. So I recently completed a full plan set for a couple and their friends saw the plans and wanted nearly the identical plan set with removing a room which ultimately will change just enough that new plans will be needed. I’m trying to figure out how to copy the layout and plans together but associate them to the new files of each other as to not have to recreate and relink every page. Is this possible to relink and entire layout to a plan set? Any help would be greatly appreciated!