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  1. Trying to figure out if I can do what I need in Chief Architect. I am trying to construct a Fire Pit Table (essentially a CAD drawing) Parameters: Metal stud construction Concrete board over the studs Stone over the Concrete board on the sides Porcelain tile on the Top Cut-out on the top for the Fire Plate End up with a bill of materials Can this be done in Chief Architect? Are there any tutorials that I might find helpful? Is there a better app to use for this purpose instead of Chief Architect? Any guidance will be appreciated. Neal Flora
  2. I am trying to export a Chief Architect plan in .DFX and .DWG to import into Realtime Landscape Architect 2020. They, Realtime Landscape Architect, are telling me "It seems that the exported DWG file is 8524' x 5707'. This must be a setting in Chief Architect to control the lot size." I cannot find any setting in Chief Architect that relates to this, What am I doing wrong. I don't know how to look at the content of these to tell me anything. HousePlan_Plot_Terrain_Training.dwg HousePlan_Plot_Terrain_Training.dxf
  3. Thanks guys, I figured it out. Had to use Cross Section/Elevation and draw in the correct direction.
  4. Gene, Shelves do not show up. Window does, Cabinet is orientated correctly
  5. I have room with a window, shelves and a cabinet. From the entry door the Shelves are on the left, the window faces the door and the Cabinet is under the window. There are shelves on either side and below the Window. The Back Clipped Cross Section appears to be a great tool to create an image to send to my builder for showing dimensions (You can add dimensions and notes). However no matter what I do the Back Clipped Cross Section shows everything reversed (Shelves on the Right, Cabinet reversed, etc). By drawing the Back Clipped Cross Section in the opposite direction I can get the orientation to show correctly but then there is no window? Not sure what I am doing wrong
  6. Just took a look at Blender. Both xfrog and Blender will do the job. Gona look at both and see which is more intutive to use. I will post a review of both from a newbe perspective for others to see.
  7. xfrog 3d modeling looks like it will do what I need. gona take me awhile to learn it. When I have created the plants I need, I'll let you know and provide access to everyone to them
  8. There is something I am obviously not understanding. The attached plan is a simple room with 5 walls. Notice that one wall is angled. This angel is not 45 deg What I am trying to do is to set the verticle and horizontal wall to exact dimension (Top = 61 1/2", Right = 48 1/2", bottom = 36" and left = 24 1/2") No matter how I have tried, I can get 3 of the 4 walls correct but when I change the last one, one of the other walls that meet the angle dimension changes. I suspect it is due to the Angle Wall (Which I do not change). How can I get this room to the correct dimensions? Master Shower.plan
  9. Adam "You could find a PNG file and import the plants yourself. It works much like the material importer." - I presume this would be a 2d. I need a 3D Model Mick Found some stuff on the Sketup site, Other sites look interesting. After a little research it seems that creating a 3D Model (of any kind) from a 2d image is non-trivial. Regardless of format, there must be some applications where you can create a 3D image from 2d files. Anyone have any leads?
  10. Here in Utah we have trees native to this area that ar supossed to be used in Landscaping. I have imported all the SSA Chief Architect libraries I could find with Trees but Can't find any that I need. Desert Musum Palo Verde tree Yellow Bird of Paradise shrub Chaste Tree Other than the laborious (and expensive) task od creating a 3d image from 2d pictures, what, if any, are my alturnatives?
  11. I tried Michael's solution and it did seem to work as advertised. Still playing with it and I'll let you know how it goes
  12. The issue I face is figuring out how to make the driveway (and Walkway) curved as in the image I sent. When I place a driveway using the Terrain tools, nothing seems to work to cause the driveway to curve as in the Image. Somewhere I read a CTRL (or ALT) key will allow curving of driveways but that does not appear to work.
  13. Trying to add some Driveways and Walkways to my plan. After googling I was unable to find a clear explanation on using the Driveway and Sidewalk tools to accomplish what I need. I got to thinking that Driveways and Sidwalks are really just polyline solds so my thought was to use a Line, create the driveway and walkways with the curves I need, then convert to Polyline solid. Am I on the right track? Keeping in mind that my plan is just to produce a rendering.