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  1. My employee is getting this message every time they use a decimal in their measurement.. I've tried changing the windows keyboard language to see if that was the problem but nope. She's added " or ' to the end of it and she still gets this message. What's the issue?
  2. I just hired our first employee this week and I wasn't working on Dropbox prior to this. I've just been using a portable hard drive. Now I'm slowly moving our files over to dropbox so the employee can access it however, I feel like I'm missing something because I'm having trouble with using cloud storage and plan files. How should I be using dropbox to share plan and layout files? Do I need to backup the file every single time and then place it in the dropbox folder? Seems like a lot of work, and a TON of copies... I fear it will confuse everyone. Can the plan file be backed up ONCE (for the initial transfer) and placed in dropbox, and then once unzipped, use that plan file to work in? Will this cause autosave issues? Do I need to relocate my autosave folder? Any other tips would be extremely helpful. I'm getting very stressed about this whole cloud migration process. I appreciate it!