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  1. @Kbird1 see attached photo. We might be doing as you said. I have them set as saving to Dropbox, but under a materials folder. Should we have this set under Dropbox not organized in a folder?
  2. Hey all, I keep searching this forum and can’t seem to find a thread that relate, so please point me to the right thread if this a repeat. I currently run x13 premier on two licenses. My company helps other designers, so you guessed it we tend to need them to share their materials… we opted for Dropbox as many designers seem to use this method. I have hired a second associate and we changed our preferences to feed our user materials to and from Dropbox. Yet our user materials don’t seem to update based off our Dropbox materials folder. If I send a file to the associate to finish the job. The material I have added don’t show up due to what I believe is a missing materials report when we open the 3D view, my associate checks Dropbox and can clearly see the material and manual has to change the material file location on each “missing material”. Is there a way to daily/manually update our user catalog that saved to Dropbox in chief? We attempted to update catalogs under library tool but that only seems to update our bonus catalogs. THANKS IN ADVANCE! edit- we used to save jobs and matierals by job names and email the file along with exporting the material folder for the other to download… we were hoping Dropbox would streamline this….
  3. Hey everyone, Our team is expanding and we are starting to use layout template for our printings vs making our own layouts each job. We are stumped, maybe you all can help. We are following along "Layout Templates and Construction Documents (Re-Run)" on youtube... but we hit a snag. When in layout, we go to: Tools, Layout, Layout Page Table (this drops the table in) However it is only showing Page 1... in the video it is showing all 21 pages. We did some testing and realized if we go to page 21 and post a "Layout Page Table" it will add page 1 and only page 21. So it seems we are missing a setting somewhere to have all pages marked on Page 1 vs page 21. Any advice on what setting we must be missing? Thank you! Using X13 on MAC