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  1. Thank you all for helping. I have turned on the wall layer, adjusted the reveal and wall length to 147.5 as intended. As a follow up question, the 36" door dimension consist of both casing and the 14" would be from interior drywall to the left casing. Is there a way to set the 14" from the left of drywall to the door opening instead of the casing? For clearity, I have added a screenshot with the intended behavior in black handwriting. Thanks.
  2. I recently started learning chief architect and I notice the auto dimension tool and the dimension I edit is different. Take the attached image for example, there is a wall that is 147.5" in length. The left of the door way, dry wall to opening is 14", the door way is 36" and the right of door way is 97.5". I have two issues in this scenario. 1) I couldn't get the door way to 36". I set the width of the door to 30", casing set to 3" , it generates 36.5" on dimensions, not sure where the extra 1/2" is coming from 2) The left of the door way is 14, when I clicked on the door way for the edit option, it shows 14" on the left of door way, 36.5 for the door way and 98 on the right. This exceed the 147.5" total by a inch. The auto dimension reflect the total length correctly but the left is showing 13.5. I feel both can be resolve if I adjust the setting somewhere but I honestly don't know where and how to. Many thanks in advance.