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  1. Drawzilla, I should have been clearer. I am aware of the requirements as currently stated and I run CA on a Windows 10 machine. Revit, Autodesk etc all have LInux ports. Perhaps it is time for CA to also to create a Linux port. If you can run under the current MacOS you are already 3/4 of the way there, as MacOS is a proprietary version of Linux. Anyone else out there looking for a Linux version? It would be another little chunk of market share for CA
  2. Folks, I am looking more and more towards a Linux environment. I am a computational fluid dynamicist by trade, and ALL the legit open source and commercial CFD tools run under Linux. ALL the legit Finite Element Analysis tools run under Linux. All the high end CAD tools run under Linux. Right now the only frequent use tool I have (side work) is Chief Architect. If this thing can run on a MAC, shouldn't be an issue to port it to a Linux box. If support is limited to some specific graphics cards I could accept that. CA? How about it? Andy
  3. Micheal, So that's fine to just print it out, but I want an acutal layout with a small title block, the date, page numbers, scale etc etc. The tutorial seems to indicate one can open a truly blank layout and build what I want, but every time I choose new layout I get the ARCH D. I did find some other ARCH sizes. but no ANSI A. Thanks Andy
  4. Folks, For small details it is useful to put them on a single 8 1/2 by 11 sheet. I am a returnee to CA and am missing something When I create a new layout it defaults to Arch D When I set the page size to 8 1/2 by 11 and then scale to fit The title blocks and borders are way inside the page edges. Are there layout templates for other sizes? I also cant seem to find the spot to set the scale. or anything but the title I am recalling the layout stuff had the steepest learning curve. Any help is appreciated Thanks ANdy