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    Label Callout Size on Plan

    Thank you!
  2. BuildingVision

    Label Callout Size on Plan

    Thank you @solver!! That fixed the size of the overall shape. Where do I change the size of the text? Thank you!
  3. BuildingVision

    Label Callout Size on Plan

    I'm sure this is simple, but I can't figure it out. I'm new to Chief Architect... How do I get the callout labels to be smaller, like 1/2 the size they are showing on the image I have attached? I am referring to the appliance and cabinet callouts. I can't figure out where those text sizes are controlled. I appreciate all the help!
  4. I have created a column out of Polyline solids and moldings. Is there any way to get an outlet to place into this surface? If there is not a way, what are your suggestions on what I do? It is a dummy column framed out that surrounds a steel post, there is plenty of room for an outlet to be placed within the open interior space. How do I place the outlet without there being a wall or a cabinet in this location? Please see the attached image. The red arrow points to where I would like to place an outlet. Thank you for your help! Nicole