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  1. I anderstand now what you mean but the goal of it is to make a block to reuse it and move it easily. Another bug not resolved.... Thank's
  2. It is not blocked !!! I selected all layer and unblock it. Maybe I don't really anderstand what you mean..
  3. Sorry, here is the plan. I check the lock option and seem to be OK. Deck.plan
  4. I created a deck framing and tried to group each part of framing. I'm able to group it and see the group in 2D but I can't see it in 3D. I turned on all the layer without any change. Have an Idea ?
  5. I transferred 2 plans in the cloud and I want to transfer the files from Room planner to CA X6 but when I selected Import room Planner menu, it said any files available on cloud !!!. Have an Idea ?
  6. Hi, I just bought an Android tablet to be able to use Room planner software but I am not able to transfert the file in my CA X6. Do you have an idea ? thank's
  7. I already have 2 differents walls besides, one is a brick wall and i want to move the window casing just in line with outside brick.
  8. Hi, I have a problem aligning window siding with exterior brick wall. Look my video to see what I would like to make. I trace a line where I would like to align my window but there is no way to move it. I turned on the option "Ignore casing for opening " but nothing change. Is there a way to fix it. I don't know why this bug is no longer fixed with X6 release. Somebody have an idea ? thank's Windows casing
  9. Hi, I have often projets with dormer and attic room. We always losing alot of time to adjust it. Is there a way to create it quickly ? Thank's RÉNOVATION SIMON SAVARY ET GENEVIÈVE NOISEUX
  10. Thank's Joseph, I really don't understand why there is a default options for all kind of door and not for the glass and slab door ??? I'm using many kind of professional software (Autocad, sketchup, Rhino 3D, cinema 4D and others) and I'm always surprise to see that chief team have difficulty to create commands fully fonctional. Sorry guy if you don't thik like me but I use CA since about 5 years and there is again some system bugs present in release 10 or 11. I think to not buy the next release cause it's to much expensive for the changes made. Example, the latest release of Rhino 3D included 2000 full working features and it cost half of the cost. Thank's guy sorry for bad comments. Probably a bad day...
  11. Thank's Perry, I known that but I would prefer to be able to change the door style directly in 3D with door dialog. If I read between lines, there is no default glass or slab door options ?
  12. Hi, How can I set default meterial for glass door ?
  13. Brian, I reinstalled the 16.3 release and turned off the option "Scale Toolbar Icons for High DPI." and my problem desappeard . Yeah !!! The Icon are a bit small but I can live with it. I also joined a capture of my display. Thank's for all of you, you make my day... Jean
  14. Brian, In fact, the problem is coming from changing of 2D display and 3D display. You can change the background to dark grey oy black to see it when you are coming back to 2D display. Don't forget to use select tool tool and click on screen object to see the magic firework. Jean
  15. I already opened a ticket on that issue and no results obtained at this moment. Maybe you guys could also do it cause the technical department don't really know how many users have the problem.
  16. Hi made some other test. I used default Framed door and drawers and put a 1/4" separation between doors and the results was good but in that way, there is no way to set differents colors for parts of door (center and side)
  17. Sound very complex to something should be very simple... thank's Mark,
  18. Hi, I'm trying to export kitchen elevation (image 1) to layout but there is alot of buzy line appearing on layout (image 2). Is there a way to adjust the parameters to fix it ? thank's
  19. Kilgore, I already tried to upgrade video driver without any results. The facts are that the problems is appearing on both Laptop and Desktop after update. I don't want to install the upgrade on my technician computer cause he have the same computer of mind.
  20. Hi Perry, You have to open any of the videos and you should a white flashing just after. Try with "Release 3D flashing problem on my Laptop-2" video, the background is black.
  21. Hi Jon, Welcome aboard ! Did you tried to fix it ?
  22. Hi, I installed the last upgrade on my desktop and also on my Laptop and discover a bug when I switch Chief windows. Every time I enter on any 3D windows, the screen is blinking when I'm clicking on display (see attached video file). The upgrade is not yet installed on my computer's technician and the bug is not present on his computer. I opened a ticket with support and did alot of verifications and tests without any results but they finally transfered the issue to development staff (sound no good for me). I ask you guy if somebody experiment this kind of problem to help me cause the release is also full of strange bugs and maybe fixed in the last release. I joined alot of files to help you to anderstand what my problem is. You have files concerning the upgrade and the other with It was a real deception for me to do the X6 upgrade cause I never had any problem with earlier releases in the past. I think the development guy forgot some steps with this X6 and was not ready for wide distribution. Thank's 3D display bug with
  23. No Problem Perry, That's not so easy for me to explain everything I would like in english cause I'm french canadian. Thank's
  24. Hi Guys, It's working fine, exactly what I needed, Thank's alot !