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  1. We are building our fourth home due to a forced Covid Job displacement move. First three are hand drawn designs. This one is larger and, for me, more complicated. We want to merge a Square 1200 sq ft Gable Roofed living area into a another Gable roof combination 3 car garage/master-suite/mudroom. Both with bonus room trusses as a roof system. I need someone who would be available to answer/ short specific questions to keep me moving along, as we only have a couple weeks to get plans ready for spring building season. Willing to pay for this help on a call by call basis but cannot afford much. Hoping to find someone in the Spokane WA/ CdA Idaho Area. I've spent over 100 hours on the HD Pro 2012 version. I have 25 years construction Experience but with be using ICF Walls which present more of an issue for an inexperienced HD Pro User than the standard lumber frame over foundation HD Pro is based on. I've been getting help from the forum but would like someone I could actually get ahold of to get me over speed bumps as they come up. I'm attaching my over-edited hand drawn reference drawings which I am using as a basis for this design. Looking to make printable drawings/elevations. This design features simple Attic/ bonus-room trusses with gable ends, flat standard height ceilings, flat eaves, crawl-space, and incorporated 3 car garage/shop on slab 1 foot lower than rest of house. Contact me if you are interested.