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  1. Can you look at my file and give an idea of what it would take to finish?  I've got some non joining walls and the trusses do not match the Trusses that were designed for the house.  

    Paper drawings!AvMSNVj99-eRhZ4NVk14Y58d6e9DfQ?e=aO7Uss

    Truss plan. 

    Basement is a walk out.  

    first floor and basement is designed in ICF.  

    HOUSE MODEL R1 _ ELECTRICAL (Muckedup v4) -

  2. My father is the Architect and he has done the hand drawings and we have engineering done as well. I have tried to get the cad version but having to gapping problems and the trusses don't match. The basement is a walkout. BAsement and first floor is in ICF. Upper floor is entirely framed in the truss. The link below is to the PDF of the hand drawings.!AvMSNVj99-eRhZ4NVk14Y58d6e9DfQ?e=aO7Uss attached is the house plan file for Chief Architect. Having a problem with getting an accurate bid on materials so helping to get materials list would be fantastic. HOUSE MODEL R1 _ ELECTRICAL (Muckedup v4) -