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  1. no worries! I'm kinda getting the hang of how to edit cabinets in HDP - better than in CA10.08b! as I recall - and since I'll likely build my own cabinets I can make do this way...
  2. RIght or wrong, I used the link provided me when I purchased HDP, which took me to a version of HomeTalk that, when I tried to register, linked me to ChiefTalk so I assumed HomeTalk had been merged... my bad. I'll try that link - thanks! Sorry, but no... there might be a CA user out there who understands my dilemma and has a workaround... obviously I cannot affect what a systems moderator might do, but from my perspective the question can legitimately be posted in both ChiefTalk and HomeTalk forums.
  3. Ideally, their entire kitchen cabinet line...? And, as has been pointed out in other posts, I'm inadvertently posting in the wrong group... I have Home Designer Pro 2022 not Chief Archtiect. I previously had CA 10.08b but don't do enough of this work to support spending $3-4K for Chief X12/13
  4. Hi again, everyone! After looking at the Chief 3D Library site I assume there's no libraries for IKEA cabinets, but thought I'd ask the greater knowledge bank known as ChiefTalk before getting too frustrated...
  5. HI, All! Is there a way to get 'SSA only' libraries into HDP? I'd like to access some of the manufacturer's libraries instead of using 'default' cabinets, but the ones I'm interested in (well, ALL of the ones I saw on the 3D Library site...) all say 'SSA Only'... any workarounds? Other than shelling out the $$$ for Chief X12/13 I mean.
  6. Done - they're on their way to you now! And THANKS!
  7. Hi, everyone! I'm a sporadic CA user who's just changed out to HDP because I can't justify spending $$$$$ on X12 or X13 for the limited uses I need the s/w for... Problem is, when I called Chief Architect they told me I could edit .plan files in HDP and I can't without having them 'edited' for HDP use first. My old (OK, very old) version of Chief (CA Version 10.08b I believe) doesn't appear to have the ability to convert .plan files into a configuration that HDP 2022 can read - in an editable format - so I'm stuck. I called Chief's technical support and they reiterated that they don't offer this kind of service (which I think they should, considering that I can edit these files in the demo version of HDP but not the full version...) and that in order to open as editable in HDP I'll need to find someone with CA software new enough to read my CA10.08b files and save them as editable in HDP. SO, do any of you offer such a service for, say, half a dozen older .plan files? I'd have to dig out my old laptop, fire it up and count the files, but less than a dozen for sure... OR, if there's a workaround I'm not aware of, please share?!? To reiterate: I have Chief Architect Version 10.08b as the old platform and HomeDesignerPro 2022 as the new platform and am looking for a way to get old .plan files into editable format on HDP. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello all! I'm a previous user - currently have Chief 10.08B on an old laptop, with the hardware key - and am wondering if there's anyone out there selling a seat of X12? I talked to sales and downloaded the trial version of Home Designer Pro, but I think I'd prefer the more production-oriented X series Chief Premier but not at the current price... If anyone has a seat - and the willingness to negotiate a decent price - please PM me or email me directly at wayn@comcast.net and I'll give you my number. Not trying to bypass ChiefArchitect in any way, just can't see myself spending upwards of $3K for software I don't use daily... Thanks!
  9. is this seat still available? VERY interested if yes!
  10. LivBerg, is this seat still available? VERY interested if so!