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  1. Bingo! Thank you Robert. I should have posted this a while ago; I messed with it for way too long. And this makes perfect sense because the only walls that displayed a brick ledge were the exterior walls of the garage. Thanks again!!
  2. And as a general question: If something gets messed up in the plan, how do clean the plan again? Can you create a blank plan and copy/paste all of your objects in the new plan? Will the wall types and whatnot come across? Thanks.
  3. Howdy everyone. I've got problems with the brick ledges properly rendering/forming in the foundation walls of my plan. I have edited the wall types to add rigid insulation between the brick and the OSB. The brick ledge, when it renders, properly widens itself for this extra insulation. If I start a whole new test plan, edit the wall types to match, and draw this simple design, the brick ledge forms properly every time. I'm guessing something is broken in the wall types of my plan. Weird things I have noticed: If I shrink the foundation wall below 10" (which would not fully support the brick), it will form the brick ledge. If I misalign the foundation wall back pulling it just barely into the interior of the house, it will form the brick ledge. It doesn't form only if the walls are properly aligned. I have created a small test structure on my plan and deleted everything else to showcase the problems. If anyone has any ideas what I broke in the wall types or elsewhere, I would greatly appreciate it. I apologize for the zipped plan file, it was too big to attach directly. After deleting everything else in the plan and purging the unused materials, the file size is still huge, so something is certainly hanging around. Brick Ledge