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  1. I am trying to re-create my existing kitchen layout for a school assignment and I can't make the corners work. Both the front and back of the corner cabinets are angled. I've searched the forum and haven't been able to find a solution that pertains to my scenario. Hoping someone might have a solution that I haven't considered or been able to find. I have automatic fillers turned on for angled connected cabinets, but I can't manage to manipulate the cabinets to do what I need them to. I've outlined the existing cabinet/countertop layout with the line tool as seen on the left-hand side. I'm also unsure how to wrap the cabinets around the interior wall like seen on the template I've drawn up with the line tool.
  2. @MarkMcThank you SO much! This is very helpful! Will definitely give the half-moon countertop option a go.
  3. I am completing an assignment and am looking to optimize storage in blind corners. I have rev-a-shelf catalogue installed but all options are circular and only provide storage to the accessible door space inside the cabinet (making the rest of the space still unusable. Looking for suggestions as to how I can create or add an accessory, or if there is a catalogue that contains something like a half moon shelf. Please help!