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  1. Glenn and Michael, Thank you!! Yes, it does seem the issue is around the walls - I hadn't caught that yet! Makes sense because it's happening on many of my covered deck/"porch" projects where I have a wall system and a roof above deck framing. (And some invisible walls and/or exterior real walls with vinyl windows). I will look into sending to Tech Support for their reference. Thanks again!
  2. Ah! Thanks! See attached. Framing Sample 2021-09-07.plan
  3. Thank you, Graeme and Eric. Appreciate the feedback. I hadn't thought about the unassigned interior space being an issue - but unfortunately that did not fix the problem. I've uploaded a sample file for reference. Appreciate any insight you have on this issue, if any! Also, I have searched this form meticulously over the past few weeks. (And have been grateful for the incredible resource that this forum is!) I have also watched countless tutorials at this point, as I'm assuming this issue is user error, but have had no luck. I do apologize if there is another post with this answered - I will continue to search here and elsewhere until I figure this out! If/when I do, I will post back for reference. *I am trying to upload a plan but the upload keeps failing (it's only 4mb). Please excuse my naivety here - but what's the best file format to upload if not .plan? Thank you! Framing Update 2021-09-07.plan CC
  4. Recently the auto-framing for my decks have been generating in reverse, with the first beam just inches from the house, and then no support towards the outer edge of the deck. I've attached a recent screenshot. I'm hoping this is just a setting or configuration I missed, maybe something indicating that the wall of the house will bear the load of the deck. Any clue how to do this? It's such a pain to manually redo every single beam, post and footing when I have everything specified otherwise. Thanks!