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  1. I found a material on how to make custom symbol. I will manage. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. This seems what I need. Could you please elaborate on what is and how to make and use custom symbol? I have not yet used this and not sure on how :). I can manage with shutters, but mine need offset.
  3. Thanks. I have no idea why I did not see it in months of using Chief
  4. Ok. Thank you. One more quick question. How to place gutters on square eaves? On plumb eaves it works fine, but on square it is in the air. Also I have had some different eaves where automatic gutter placement is all wrong. Is the any setting for that or I have to also to it somehow manually?
  5. Hello! Just a quick question. Can I make this kind of casing as in the picture using window option? Or only manually? The top can be extended with Lintel options the bottom can be extended with apron, but sides? I cannot find an option to extend side casing to the bottom and it seemed a bit weird that there is no option for such a simple thing.
  6. I was able to solve this problem myself. I used room dividers to create rooms and had to draw everything else as CAD objects. Only problem was that the interior of the model came out all broken and wrong, but fortunately I did not need it. Exterior was fine and drawings came out also fine.
  7. Hi! I hope someone can help a bit. I will paste here onedrive link with a plan and some pictures of the house I am trying to model in Chief. I think I managed to get my roof to needed shape, but as I did that I deleted some of my second floor walls (they were not fitting under the roof) and now I do not know how to fix my second floor. There are some smaller issues, but the main one is how to model second floor in this instance. How to draw second floor walls if these walls are actually roof rafters. So I deleted these walls that did not fit under the roof and now I do not have rooms there and because of that my floors and ceilings disappeared. I have tried looking for videos and info about that, but what I find are different situations with ordinary one and a half story buildings. Half of my building is different. Would be very thankful if someone can actually help with this. How to go about doing this kind of second floor. I think I already butchered my plan file trying different things. Basically I need to get what is on the pictures/cad drawings into chief. And for disclaimer. I have not yet done very many projects in chief so many things might not be done properly. Link: Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the info who answered. I will look a bit into game ready and studio drivers info before I decide. Probably will try to lean towards RTX 30 series if Chief does not take much advantage from pro cards. I would gladly stay on my desktop that I have right now, but I think mobility will soon be an important factor in my work. Also having a single computer for working in the office and at home would be much easier so laptop becomes a better choice. It would have been nicer if the thread was not hijacked at the start so it would be easier to understand who is talking about what, but it will do. Thanks.
  9. Hello! I might be soon buying a new high end laptop for work. Chief would be one of the use cases. Graphically probably the most demanding for now. I saw the minimum and recommended requirements for PC and laptops in Chief. I will be aiming for at least the recommended values. Are professional grade graphics cards also good with Chief? I have no experience with professional cards. For example one laptop I was looking at had RTX A2000. Does anyone know will this be a good card for Chief or is it better to aim for something like RTX 3080?
  10. Ok. Thank you all. Will try these thing out.
  11. Hi! Thank you for answers. Sorry was too busy to answer. I still cannot figure some of these things out. Maybe you can elaborate a bit on two of them. Thanks! Do you mean a new Layout FILE or a page? Because if I change page size or orientation in one Layout FILE, all the pages change not just one. And every FILE has its own page layout on page 0. For 3D camera I have drawing sheet setup greyed out. And in secondary control when sending to layout scaling is also greyed out. I do not get what I am missing, but my live view comes as a very tiny image :).
  12. Hi! Still a newbie to Chief and have a couple of things that I have not been able to figure out or find from resources. Maybe someone can help a bit. 1. Can I have different page sizes and different page orientation in one layout file? For example I mostly use A3, but sometimes have a singe drawing that would be a better fit to A4 or in different orientation. Do I need to use a new layout file for this or can it be done in one? 2. How can I show terrain thickness and texture on sections? I cannot figure it out. I only get terrain perimeter line showed on all sections and elevations. 3. Why do I get 3D views on layout very small? It seems that I am sending 3D views exactly the same as those teaching videos do it, but mine is a small box and in videos they get a big picture. And I mean live view. Sending as an image works well, but I would like to send live views in bigger size.
  13. I have already thought a bit about those things. Loans that I can take have minimum number bigger than I need and I do not want to use personal money for this. Some taxes stuff and all that I do not want to do right now. I only invest in tools and software right now with my company earned finances. Basically every way I calculated it boils down to about the same or even more expensive and more extra work. I will manage . But thanks for the suggestions I did write to Chief sales just in case. Will see what they say. If nothing then I will have to buy it later. I will definitely not rent it for all the period. I think one or two months at best. And yes there is a thing where a part of renting payment will go towards full purchase.
  14. Wow a big discussion happened as I was busy doing a project that I need to finish tomorrow and start with a new one :). Small and easy one, but I am still very slow with Chief and probably did everything with wrong tools, but it will still serve its purpose well . Practice makes better (not perfect). Thanks to everyone who gave solutions and tips. I think I am a buyer. There are some things in Chief I like very much and some not so much, but every software has goods and bads. The community seems great and helpful also. As for the price it is a shame that this is happening in one week already. I just started my own one man company a couple of months ago and doing all the work alone and after working every day after my full time job. Had to invest in hardware first. I am still at the start of things and probably will not have even the discounted asking price by Aug 31 so will probably have to overpay in a month or two.
  15. Ok. Thanks to all. Ended up using "solver" code. Does what I need. Seems like macros and Ruby programming is something that I will want to learn at some point at least to some degree :). And for snapping and precision? As I am beginning to understand that Chief is a bit similar to Revit in this account that you have to do most of the work in defaults and in menus as parametric edits. Which is fine by me I just need to get used to it more, but snapping is definitely something that could be improved. I like to do some edits manually by doing point to point moves. This way I do not have to go through all of the menus for some small edits and then realize that I needed to put a different number in that box and go to that menu again.