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  1. BINGO! You are FANTASTIC @Kbird1! I really appreciate you digging that up! Thank you so much
  2. Thanks @Kbird1. Your's is exactly where it should be but, unfortunately, as mine is "missing" I'll assume it's just a nuance of the older version. Bummer.
  3. Where do I find the default settings for Custom Backsplash in X7 Premier? (I know, I know an upgrade is long overdue!) Out of nowhere my splash material region defaults to 0" so it does not show the polyline in elevation when I drag my shape. I can change the layer color and find the line in plan and manually update the material thickness, but I'd like to set my default back to something reasonable but I cannot find the parent default to change it within. I've tried: Defaults > Cabinets / CAD / Material Region / Walls... all without luck. Thanks in advance!