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  1. Thanks Eric! I have updated my signature with the appropriate info. Here are a couple vector views showing before painting and after painting. I also included a shot of the wall properties window after painting. Once I paint the board and bat (the upper part of the wall), it changes the materials to either default (blue lap) or no change (as you can see in the screenshot). Each time, it gives me that goofy blue line on the left edge. I've deleted both walls (the pony wall and the lap siding wall it intersects on the left) and re-added them. No dice. For some reason, it keeps adding that blue line of siding between the 2 walls EVERY time I try to paint the b&b....
  2. Hello, I have a pony wall on the front of a house. The bottom portion is a brick already in the Chief library. The top section, however, is board and batten that I want to paint a Sherwinn color. I set the material to be beige board and batten. But, when I use the paint tool to change the color to the Sherwinn color, this specific wall keeps setting the materials back to the default blue lap. As a result, I get this nice blue line down the edge. See the attached pic to see the blue line. I have deleted the wall and put in a new one. No dice. The wall on the front of the garage works just fine, but the one under the porch will not work. Any ideas? Thanks!!!!