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  1. We are looking to create a relationship with a designer that can work with our clients designing new homes, additions, and remodels. US: Residential construction company located on Cape Cod. 70 years in Business. Looking to grow our business by partnering with a great Chief Arch. Designer. You: Able to produce construciton drawings for permitting Knowledge of MA/New England construciton styles and techniques Work with clients in person/ video conference to design projects. The ideal situation I'm envisioning is we pay a monthly retainer fee to you for promt response to clients we bring you. Please reach out if you are interested.
  2. I'm looking for someone to draw plans/ construction documents for a house I'm trying to remodel. Existing house is roughly 64x28 ranch. I want to add a second floor and front porch to a portion of the house. House is in Massachusetts. I recently bought X12 but I'm still learning the program. Anyone interested please let me know. Possible future projects as well if we have a good connection. thank you.