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  1. Thank you all so much for the info. I will check to see if I can upgrade to X13. Yes, the 89 degree thing is an annoyance...Curved roof seems to be a kluge that has limited value... The reason I asked how to make a recognized roof structure is that I need to install shed roof dormers to add windows on the first floor. I may also want to put a couple of skylights in too higher op on the flat section of the roof. Does the auto dormer or floating dormer tool require a known roof structure? I presume so. If I back section at the appropriate depths, I assume I could also draw in dormers using polylines??
  2. Okay cool... I will play with Polyline in xsect. How do I tell CA12 that it is a roof structure? Do I put it on the Roof rafter layer?
  3. Hi all, I have been fighting with this for some time now and can't get it to work. I upgraded to CA12 from HD Pro 20 in the hopes that the Curved roof functionality would work, but alas, I am still struggling to recreate this structure. This is for a renovation of an existing structure. I drew up the ribs and quonset assembly in Onshape (Mechanical 3D design software. First two pics). The rib sits on a 2x6 sole plate attached to the top of the foundation stem wall. The rib arcs thru 65 degrees and then continues straight to a roof height of ~ 20' at approx 26 degrees. There is no ridge beam. I'm using two roof planes per side to create the curved section and the sloped section. I think I have tried every permutation and combination of setting in Walls, Build Roof and Roof Plane. Eaves are 5 1/5", gables set to 2". Last try was to make the first floor narrower by 5 1/2" on either side to see if I could get the facia board to sit on top of the foundation wall to mimic the sole plate. Wish there was a way to use the CAD function to draw the rib, place it and copy... I've lowered roof height 109 1/8" to try and get it to sit on the foundation wall, but I keep getting a stub wall that protrudes into rib creating a birdsmouth cut in rib. I have wall set to attic and made it invisible and birdsmouth turned off in Build Roof. I was going to go with this until I tried to insert a Dormer for windows, but it said a wall was in the way. Now at a loss... Any insights would be greatly appreciated.