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  1. Wanted to note that after updating to the latest version,, the problem has been resolved for me.
  2. Repair didn't help. I am still at a loss as to what could be causing it. It is exactly as Kintaro said.
  3. Something I have seemed to notice is it lasts almost exactly 14-15 min before the issue occurs. It also doesn't seem to count time that Chief Architect is NOT the active window. I'll try to pay closer attention, but I believe that is what is occurring. Example: Working in Chief Architect for 10 min, watch a 30 min cat video, 5 more min in Chief Architect and it will lock whatever function I am in (normally the mouse selector). I just decided to run a repair, so I'll see if that has any bearing on the issue and report back.
  4. I would assume if this was a larger issue, a lot more people would be having it. So it must be something unique to our setups. I am running a newer computer. Custom built myself. i9-9900K, 32 GB of RAM, M.2 NVMe 2 TB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX2060, Logitech Wave Keyboard and Mouse. I am running Windows 10 Pro fully updated to 21H1. I am using Chief Architect Premier X13. How about everyone else? I want to see if we have any similar hardware or software that could have some conflict with Chief Architect.
  5. I have the same/similar issue. After about 5-10 min of using the mouse, if I am in camera view, my mouse will get stuck where it moves the view around without clicking any buttons. If I am in layout view, the mouse will get stuck as if the left mouse button is stuck down and will only draw selection boxes. I can hit escape to stop the box, but as soon as I move the mouse it will draw another selection box. It doesn't actually select anything though because it doesn't "Release" the selection of the items. Worked fine on X12 on this PC. Installed X13 and it's occurred since that moment. Mouse works fine on all other functions of the computer.