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  1. Hello, I am seeking assistance with the Chief Architect Software in Northwest Oregon, USA (Portland, OR or SW Washington State preferred). I fell off a ladder several years ago and got a Traumatic Brain Injury. (Fall harnesses are important, folks!) As a result I have difficulty with cognitive things and learning new software. Recently I fell out of a ceiling as well and my pain levels are further impacting my thinking. I have built a house in the past (prior to computers) when we literately cut and pasted and sketched and hired an architect to sketch. My ideal floor plan would be single story, somewhere between 26-30 feet wide, and 68-70 feet in length, about the size of a large double-wide manufactured home. I have some roughly sketched plans, but hoping to bring them more formally to life. I am willing to pay for your assistance; please let me know what you're thinking. Please reply to this thread, so I will know to look for a direct message. Thank you!