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  1. Thank you guys I was able to use a runner and change the components to list is correctly in my material list. I have the carpet runner and ID for flooring. Although the calculation of the area of the carpet on the stairs doesn't calculate correctly. Still discovering how to use, even create macros for calculations. Any tutorials on how to develop them?
  2. Yes I agree. I do add waste for it, but primarily use this information as a starting point to convert it to square yardage. Then I use it to build allowances and to pass on to our carpet vendors who come and do final take off before ordering.
  3. When I do a material list for the floor and I'm looking at my flooring take off I see my carpet and pad is only calculating the rooms and not the amount of carpet on the stairs. It does include the two stair landings as you go up the stairs, but not the tread or risers. I want to know how much carpet for the treads and risers also. How do you do that? Final Schrader Basement.plan