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  1. also how would I go about just have a single line for the walls like no color or texture on a regular blueprint
  2. How would I find the Dimension defaults tool?
  3. using the Interior Dimension tool it always grabs to the block and it messes up measurements also the I was trying to figure out how to just have a complete 8" thick wall without the stucco or the drywall or any of that Im not trying to add detail it'll always be 2-d
  4. Well I just wanna be able to remove the extra lines on a wall and have the ability when I use the interior dimensions it doesn't give me a 16th. When I add room name and it displays the dimensions it give me like 20' 2 3/18" x 15' 8 15/16". Im trying to avoid that because down here we do everything by 2" 4" 8"
  5. All I want is regular stucco walls and regular interior walls with drywall that are 4". The problem I keep having is when I use the interior dimension it goes off block or the stud and give me terrible dimensions so it messes with it.
  6. So even if I change the thickness of the wall to 8" its not actually 8"
  7. Also using main layer only, Only shows the wall and Im trying to remove the extra lines while keeping 8 inches + showing the wall type
  8. Using Chief Architect Premier X12
  9. How do I remove these lines on the exterior and interior walls