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  1. I read this article and plot lines is grayed out under Camera View options
  2. Just recently when I print (or export) my layout to PDF, my line drawings (elevations, sections, details) come out like I drew them with a crayon! Anybody have a clue what button I hit or setting I changed and how to fix it? It's making me crazy! Thanks! Karen Elev TEST.pdf
  3. @robdyckthank you! I wonder how that got changed....in the room spec or somewhere else?
  4. @Chopsawno roof yet @CharlesVolz file attached & thank you! BRUR-120 Plans.plan
  5. Working on a new house plan, using CAPx12. Haven't had this problem since I started and of course it would happen on a deadline. My exterior wall is shown with house wrap in perspective view. That's it. No siding, even though that's the default. It's connecting walls show correctly with siding. I've deleted it, redrawn it, moved it and I'm at a loss. I've checked it's properties and it reads correctly. I can't figure out what I'm missing. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Thank you! Karen MM CAPx12 Windows 10 Pro HP Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.