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  1. I want to modify an Amarr - HAMPT - Stockton Decratrim garage door. It is very close to what my client wants include the 8 rec. per panel and top row windows. Except he does not want grills on the glass, just 8 plain glass in the top row. It there a way to explode the object and remove the grill? Or a way to export the object into another tools to remove them? Garage does seems to me the must inflexible part of CA.
  2. You are right the global macros are limited from a normal text object. I found somewhat of a hack. Inside of the the default LIVING AREA object you can place this line. It does the math on the macro, but does not format and the total size (third line) can't be removed. Per unit: %internal_area/2% sq ft
  3. In CA X12 there is a default plan label that shows total Living Area. In this case I have a duplex plan, where must show living space per unit. To illustrate see the attached image. You can't seem to do math with a marco in your own Text object for example: Living Area Per unit: %living.area/2% Total: %living.area% Any ideas?