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  1. An answer for those that may encounter this issue: Tech support's recommendation: "First, go ahead and close out of any 3D views or other windows that have a 3D display that you have open. Then, go to the Edit menu at the top of the program and click on Preferences. Then, click on Render. Click the check box next to texture compression and click OK. Then, create a new 3D view." This did not work. I performed and full clean and reinstall of the video drivers with zero success. I decided to check the box in Preferences/Render/ "Use Enhanced Lighting" and VOILA! Any
  2. I'll be building a new PC soon. The vid drivers are up to date. It doesn't make sense that adding a texture to a color, which increases rendering complexity, alleviates the issue. Something is amiss and I'm trying to zero in on the issue.
  3. Good morning, I've submitted a technical ticket for this but figured I'd submit the question here as well. The hive mind is stronger... I did search the forum first to check for a duplicate issue but with no luck. Standard and Physically based renderings are not rendering properly for colors. They are grainy and highly pixelated. If I set a texture file to a color it will solve the issue, temporarily. But if I view the material/color in Library/Plan/Material defaults and select Standard or Physically based previews, the pixelated view is still present. See attached pictu