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  1. Thank you everyone for all the help everything that you guys pointed out and how to fix it work! I really appreciate all the help!
  2. SNestor thank you!! if there is anything else you see that isn’t right let me know I really appreciate it!
  3. Thank you for all the help I appreciate! I will try it after work and let you know if I was able to fix it
  4. I know that is not checked for sure thank you I’m at a loss I have tried everything I can think of
  5. hello first off I am very new to chief and think its a very great program I have learned a lot from all the helpful videos posted out there by all you guys! (thank you) so I got my house plan built finally and was on the last step of building the subfloor for floor 1 and tried to get chief to auto build it for me so it has the rim joist and everything but for some reason chief will not build my subfloor for the first floor the second floor it built it just fine but the first floor it just has a gap between the foundation and the walls where the floor should b