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  1. Thanks for the advice. Still seems there should be a better way like allowing the individual wall material layers to be on their own layers.
  2. This works but it seems a bit too techy to have to handle this simple scenario that way.
  3. You are right, there is not a standard easy way to do it.
  4. How can I get a 3D view of this foundation wall framing? The foundation walls on the back are pony walls (2x8 framing on a block stem wall) I want to remove the exterior wall surface (zip sheathing and B&B) This screenshot is taken directly from a "perspective framing overview" with the foundation wall layer set to on.
  5. I am having the most success doing takeoffs with material list polylines with their own individual category settings and layers. To your point on Master List intuition I have experienced mostly frustration understanding it's value altogether but I am sure I just don't understand enough about it yet. Thanks again for your attention to this subject. I'm a newb who has trained for years drawing everything in 3D by hand in sketchup. I am finding Dialog boxes in CA to be valuable but also daunting and dangerous.
  6. I will upgrade to x13. Thank you all for the valuable input in whatever ignorance I have displayed in my questioning this approach to pricing lumber. I am novice in best utilizing the master list so this "structural member reporting" dialog seems like a great place to deal with the heart of the building cost.
  7. Yes but I am unable to resize the columns in the table and there is no option in this window to add price.
  8. It wont let me resize the columns
  9. I don't have a category for price in the structural member reporting window.
  10. Would you look at that! Thank you!
  11. How do you set the price for an i-joist, stud, osb, etc. globally? Is there a way to do this for things like drywall, paint, trim, doors, globally as well? It seems the only way to price these components is in the room specifications which is quite cumbersome.
  12. How do you change the default accounting codes in material lists?
  13. I have used sketchup for many years on MacOS with great success with the 3d connexion mouse. Navigation in Sketchup with the 3dconnexion is unparalleled. Just recently got Chief Architect and it does not work with it. For navigation it is barely stable and everything is inverted. I am still trying to adjust the settings to see if it will magically work just for 3d navigation. It has been the foundation of my workflow for many years. I am a snail in CA now. Hope they get this worked in.