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  1. That's perfect! So I see the "trick": 1) The automatic attic wall wasn't extended close enough to the ridge (I manually edited the attic floor plan to get the same effect as you dragging in the 3D rendering). In either case, this requires disabling (via dialog question when changing) automatic wall generation for that particular wall. 2) The "roof cuts wall at bottom" needs to also be enabled for that attic wall (in addition to enabling it for an extension of my original exterior wall in my first plan with the full gap). Thanks for the video...moving pictures worth millions of words! I think Chief Architect could use a whole video tutorial on "when walls go wrong".
  2. Thanks Glenn, that solved it about 96%.and closed most of the hole up while leaving the interior clear. One thing, even after moving the second section of the wall well past the ridge w/ "cut at bottom", I see a little flaw in the wall above the ceiling on the exterior: Any way to easily fix this (updated plan attached)?...now that I know how to make it really good, I'm wondering how to make it perfect:) AfterCutAtBottom.plan
  3. I'm using home designed pro 2021. Circled in the picture below is the area unfilled between the lower and upper roof where there is no wall. I can extend the wall inward toward the peak to close the gap, but then area below the gap is closed off. I've experimented, googled, and watched a bunch of video tutorials on roofs. Actually seemed like one of the tutorial videos had a similar issue, but the instructor kinda glossed over it and changed to pitch on one roof to make it look a little better before moving on. After banging my head for a few days, hoping someone has the answer. (plan is also attached for the image) MissingGableWall.plan