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  1. Posted to Upwork as well: Upwork Job Link Need help wrapping up a project that I don't have time to complete. The project is a single story office building, approximately 3,900 SF. Structure is Block Exterior Walls, Steel Bar Joist and Metal Deck Roof. I have the building layout generally in place. Have been waiting for interior finish selections. The right person for this project will be someone well versed in Chief Architect with a successful history of adapting the residentially focused tools to a commercial construction environment. I'm still learning but pretty decent w
  2. Thanks Solver, editing the Wall Type did it. I had been digging around in the roof settings and coming up empty. Didn't occur to me to look in the wall details. Thank you for the quick help!
  3. Good afternoon folks, first post here. Wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot a detail. I've got what looks like roof Insulation that occasionally protrudes through my exterior masonry wall. See the attached images. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot that? It hasn't been obvious to me where that detail resides.