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  1. Thank you Alaskan_Son! That is it exactly!! I can now tweak it so only the walls with a joist resting on it would have the framed wall below, and then change any other wall to not have that frame and a smaller footing. (12" versus 18") Bravo! I am going to play with this and see what other damage I can do
  2. Yes, I have rationed that same thing in my mind and tell myself.. "Why do I care if it is exactly correct in the 3d view?", I think it is one of those "why must I climb it?, because it is there!" type moments Like I mentioned I am more graphic design and less architect and I try to create things to learn more about the app be it photoshop to blender. This has just been stuck in my mind and it drives me crazy that I cannot figure it out, and like Eric said, once I do figure it out, it may stick in my brain and help me with some other one off thing in the future.
  3. Hello again! Thank you for the tips, but I have been fighting with this and gave up at one point and just note a detail callout for the foundation at this point. If you have a moment though, is it a single wall type with a pony wall check box, or is it a foundation wall with a pony wall butted up against it on the same footing? I have tried combinations of each and never get anything close to the image you posted above. If you do happen to have a wall dialog box showing the options I would love to see it, thank you! Joe
  4. I think I broke Chief! I was messing with foundation walls, then adding pony walls and after a while I notice that now when I draw just a basic foundation wall it is drawing this exterior height wall with a ceiling!? I quit, restarted, new project, same thing. What worked before seemed to break after trying to do what you did. I will keep playing with it, and possible do a reset defaults in case I did change something.
  5. I played with pony walls, but I have noticed on check box missed can change the outcome dramatically. Any chance of seeing your wall / pony wall dialog box? Thank you! Joe
  6. Hello all, I am a fairly new user to Chief, but I have graphic design and 3D experience in other applications that seem to parlay well in Chief. I am using Version X12. I have been working on several projects and all of them have the floor joists sitting on a framed wall making the top of the joist even with the green plate. To illustrate my end goal, I created what I am trying to do in my 'visual' 3D app, so it is not to scale or anything, but I am having a tough time making this happen in CA. I get close with the the offset footing