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  1. Thanks for your answers, but it means I need to get an Autocad :-) the original DWG is from a client... And the problem of losing some material information is probably in SketchUp, because the result is always the same when I export as SKP, DAE, OBJ or whatever, just material names change... The original DWG has about 30 objects and materials, but after export in other format, I can see only 6. I didn't find any other functioning conversion tool which could handle the 3D model :-( And there is no option to fix Chief and the DWG import issue?
  2. Hello, I have a client who has a 3D model in .DWG, but the original creator doesn't have time to make some changes and create renders... So i wanted just to import it, use some lightning and materials and render... I tried to import the model using the "import drawing" option, but it imports just some random lines (probably because it expects a 2D drawing and not a 3D model). I get better luck with importing as 3D Symbol, like a piece of furniture - I can see the model and even edit materials etc... BUT all curves are quite not curves, but just straight lines cut into pieces - and it looks terrible. When i converted the DWG to DXF, it didn't make a change, however converting to OBJ using export in Sketchup, everything looks normal. But after using this exported OBJ, it loses many details and all the interior is just one "surface" which means I can't edit materials... There might be an error in the Sketchup export, but therer is not much to set up and it ignores something during import. Any tips on how to import the original DWG in Chief in better quality? The left one is OBJ import (exported from Sketchup), right one is DWG right into Chief