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  1. Revit has a 'Precast' tab/module. Can't say much about it since I do not have that application, but it's easy to find search results for that one. And yes, I agree it would need to go through real architects/engineers (as opposed to a DIY like myself) for any real construction drawing value. I was just wanting to play around drawing stuff.
  2. Good to know, thanks for responding. My hesitation is by manually defining it (a precast wall), I'm probably not going to get a lot of build details like rebar, structural connections, etc. like I would if I was using a professionally drawn library. But that might not be true either. Don't know since I don't actually have the program yet. I might go ahead and get the trial version and see for myself. Thanks again for responding.
  3. I do not have this application yet. I'm just an individual who wants to play around with drawing a house, but I want to be able to use pre-defined wall types of precast concrete wall panels. I could not find any reference to this wall type on the CA site or via Google. Does Chief Architect have precast wall panels in it's library? TIA