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  1. C-Bates


    Got it Joe Thanks!!!
  2. C-Bates


    How can i get a ceiling to show here? I would like to add lighting. All ceilings are checked in active layer and the use flat ceiling over this room is checked in object prefererences
  3. Thanks again for all your help Eric!
  4. I just found it with all layer sets on, it was under the drawing...I am so sorry to have wasted your time
  5. Here is the plan to maybe shed some light on this! Vazquez, Roger & Maria.plan
  6. I caught on to a reply about custom countertops.........designed it that way and it WORK!!!! Still not sure why it won't show as a polyline but I am good now! Thank you both for all your help!!!
  7. tried outside room, still no see
  8. I am pretty sure this would work if i could just get it to show. I have it placed in the center of the room just to see if it shows. Once i get it to show i can move it into place. I designed it in place to fit right above the windows. Thanks guys, i feel bad asking these questions.....I am learning and have been stuck on this for hours :-(
  9. tried the all layer on and still no see
  10. There basically are no soffits in this renovation. The area above the bay drops down but is flush with the intersecting walls
  11. Okay i created the polyline and looks great on floorplan & the 3d model looks perfect when i modfied it and set materials, I cannot get it to show up in the full overview....3d is checked on active display options...Please help???
  12. Thank You for the speedy response!!! Where do i find polyline solid? I am testing my signature here!
  13. Thank You for the speedy response!!! Where do i find polyline solid?
  14. Hi, i am a brand new to CA, my work is mostly a kitchen and bath designer......I put a soffit above kitchen sink in a bay/bump out, how do I modify the soffit so doesnt show square. The ends need to be cut back on a 45 degree angle? they are sticking to the exterior on perspective view.