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  1. gnurob

    Apple M1 Processor Support

    Linus Tech Tips is a very credible source of hardware testing and reviews. They have been very critical of Apple in the past, and skeptical about the M1 performance, he basically retracted all his reservations. It's F-A-S-T on the 4 core Mac Mini--and much much faster on the 8 core iMac laptos.
  2. gnurob

    Apple M1 Processor Support

    According to the computer system requirements, Apple M1 processors are not supported. They're new, so this is understandable, however the lack of road map begs the question, "What is Chief Architect's future on MacOS?". From a performance perspective, this CPU is more than promising, it is proving to already deliver great performance, and without relying on heavily threaded applications (I suspect CA is not fully threaded). Not to mention, rumoured upgrades are very promising. In short, I will be moving to the latest edition of CA running on an M1 processor, just as soon as that CPU is available in a desktop, but future upgrades for CA, and iMac's, are on hold, or to be cancelled, pending an announcement. So... it turns out, there is another thread in this forum discussing this topic (the forum search tool turns up no results by " m1 processor" will find it. Still, the point remains: CA hasn't released a road map of any kind.