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  1. The plan file is over the 25mb limit. I can send it in a zipped file via email if you would like
  2. The guy said he needed everything I had so that’s what I sent. He is supposed to be taking what I have editing the truss layers and putting everything in “construction” plan layout to submit to the builder and city for permitting. I’m just curious if he knows what he’s doing or is just trying to rip me off. I hate to think I spent twenty plus hour pluse the expense of the software if it’s no better than drawing it out on a napkin and taking it to them
  3. I attached the file to another thread.. the software that I used is home designer pro 2021
  4. This is the dog file he is saying is garbage. Has zero dimensions etc. HousePlan612hipcad.dwg
  5. Ok. I used the home pro software to design “plans” for a home I am about to build. I sent the files over to the architect that the builder recommended and he is saying that the plans created are garbage. They are not compatible with any cad software. It is not exporting layers. Only jumbled blocks. Is there any NC licensed architects and or structural engineers that can take plan files from this software and easily convert them to actual plans. I sent everything to him to do the layout pages. Set up floor trusses and set up roof trusses Bc I did not have that option with home designer pr