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  1. alexpwalsh

    Stem wall cut by sheathing?

    HOLY CRAP! There was a 1" brick ledge in that 6" siding wall definition. I guess the stone veneer does that automatically.. and for some reason it was applied to the walls with just siding as well. Probably related to errant use of material eyedropper. It's always something like that.. for these problems I never even know what to search in the help docs. Thanks a ton guys!
  2. alexpwalsh

    Stem wall cut by sheathing?

    I've been hitting my head against a wall all day, I've tried every wall and foundation setting I can find short of redrawing the whole thing. Attached are the wall and foundation dialogs of this particular wall in their latest state. Any suggestions on a specific setting or issue I am missing?
  3. alexpwalsh

    Stem wall cut by sheathing?

    I'm stumped. I was getting a weird set of extra lines in my foundation view, and when I took a look in 3D I found it's my sheathing/siding layers cutting a notch out of my stem wall. I've played with stem wall thickness, wall layers, etc. and it won't budge. The detail I'd really like to accomplish is the one attached, but in the model I'm okay with standard stem wall to make an easy-to-follow layout and show the detail elsewhere. I'd attach the plan file but it is 35MB and above the size limit.. could email if need be. Please help!!
  4. alexpwalsh

    Stubborn Attic Wall Material

    I have an attic wall with a butting garage roof. The material on the lower portion of the attic wall seems to refuse to change to OSB, like the 2nd floor wall beneath it easily did. I have 'Lower Wall Type if Split by Butting Roof" checked and set to Interior-6. The preview looks like it will work but when I hit OK the actual wall does not change, and when I go back into the Materials section of the Wall's dialog it has been set back to siding. Any thoughts?
  5. alexpwalsh

    Unwanted Layers Flashing through during Walkthrough?

    Using Edit Area (All Floors) to reposition to the origin and upping shingle thickness to 1/4" seems to have done the trick. Thanks a ton guys, for bearing with the newbie.
  6. alexpwalsh

    Unwanted Layers Flashing through during Walkthrough?

    Thanks Glenn! I think the issue is that my model is too far away from the origin. I have no idea how it got like that, but I am working on a plan that I made as a complete novice to the program so I'm not surprised. Now my issue is trying to pick up everything and move it closer to the origin. The Edit Area tool only seems to want to pick up the Floor I have viewable, even with All Layers ON. It will get the terrain and CAD lines as well, just not all the floors. How would one select and move everything on a plan.. Keep selecting and moving by the same coordinates using Transform?
  7. Whenever I try to do a virtual walk through, I get these random flashes of interior wall and roof layers coming through. It happens with both interior and exterior walk throughts. It looks horrible, see the attached example. I've tried turning off all sorts of layers in the camera view - nothing seems to help and I can't find anyone else mentioning this on here so I figure it must be a setting on my end. Also have tried playing with frame rates and rendering options to no avail. Any ideas? Version: X12 Premier Student ext_walkthrough5.wmv