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  1. I feel like I basically need an attic wall there, since the program won't let two normal walls on the same floor be on top of each other. After watching a couple of your videos I've played around with breaking the dormer wall at the knee wall, toggling roof cuts wall at bottom, and dragging the wall handles around manually for both upper and lower walls. One thing seems to break another.. any other hints?
  2. I've tried searching F1 and the forum for this to no avail - is there any way to get an interior wall to connect to an auto dormer generated wall? Making the dormer manually editable and dragging the interior wall out just erases more of the dormer wall.
  3. @Kbird123 Just moving a house within the same plan. @Crusader103 Sounds like it actually is a bug if someone else has experienced it. I pretty much exclusively use the "Edit Area - All Floors" command to make sure I'm getting the whole house and I still get the weird finish changes. Guess I will have to live with it, thank goodness for the material painter!
  4. Any time I shift an entire structure in a plan file using Edit Area, my interior paint returns to default Bone color and exterior siding gets confused as to what goes where. For example, my stone wanescot will suddenly be applied to an entire wall instead of just 3ft high. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or I have something setup incorrectly. Any thoughts?
  5. Is there a clean way to convert it to a manual roof plane and edit from there? I tried drawing one manually.. getting it to mesh with the existing eaves was not happening without a fight
  6. Any way to change the pitch of auto generated roof returns? It uses the pitch of the adjoining roof by default (10/12 in my case) but I'd like to lower that to a 2 or 3 pitch for the return. Can't find anything about this on here or in the Help docs.
  7. And I can totally see now why it is off by default.. it makes plan view look like a cartoon...
  8. Thanks guys, I did not realize that Lineweights was a toggle on the right bar. That is what I was looking for.
  9. I guess I would expect an altered lineweight to show up the same in a working view as it would in print preview. An analogy would be working in an Excel sheet where you want to make a bold border or highlight around certain cells, yet you can't confirm that you've done it until hitting print preview.
  10. Hah! You're exactly correct. When I made this detail a couple weeks ago, I was confounded as to why changing my line weight for that line wouldn't thicken my vapor barrier, as I wanted the position to be easily visible. I must have settled on a weight of 2560 and left it.. Why does line weight not update until you go to print to PDF? That seems a little off..
  11. Here's an interesting one. I go to export a layout sheet to PDF, and I get a massive blue blob on one of my views. Nowhere does this show up in the view when in the layout file, or when I pull it up by itself. No other view has this issue. Cyan is also not a color of any of my layers for this view. Any ideas??
  12. Thanks guys, did not realize I had to be in the room dialogue instead of wall. Somehow I was able to change them all with one click in the defaults last time.. but I only have 4 foundation "rooms" so it's not a big deal to do it individually.
  13. I am in the plan. There's no option to change a stem wall's height by opening it's dialogue.
  14. I need to go from a 36" stem wall to a 40". I swear I have done this successfully by simply editing stem wall height in Defaults>Foundation and it updated automatically. Now that does not seem to be the case. That's the only place I can find to change stem wall height, none of the other wall dialogues (Defaults>Walls>Foundation or individual wall spec dialogues) have height. I really don't want to rebuild the foundation, as I've done a lot of work on it. Any thoughts?
  15. Yup, can't edit floor finish from floor 0. And can't edit structure from floor 1. Lots of minutae to learn with this software but man is it awesome what you can do with it once you've gotten over the learning curve. Wow, this trick is awesome. I was beginning to think I would have to do this manually, thanks a ton!