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  1. Looking to create this - I do need for a couple projects. Im finding these and doors are becoming more popular. I tried & could not find in search in the forums, Im using the language "Pass-Through" maybe someone can give me a link if it has different language attributed. (As is often the case I find) I have CA X15 PC Best, Robyn
  2. Thank you! I am certainly not brilliant with learning this software (after 3 years) Ohhh th enuances! They can get me with hours of trying to figure out what I did wrong. And its nice to find support in lieu of critism! I am in utter shock and appreciation at 1981! That is the very nascent stage of autoCAD. I remember plotting lines with points back when I learned. Can you imaging doing this now! There is a level of appreciation knowing the vector software from the beginnings. So it does afford us a little bit of knowledge.
  3. Okay - Can do - I need fenestration on temp dims when I do as-builts as I am always in remodel mode so the majority of my dims are interior spaces. I'm going to reach out to you for a training. I need to get this layout mess better, so If I can have someone walk me through page set up I would be happy as hell.
  4. Do you ever do trainings? I love your set up!
  5. Im not sure, I am unfamilliar with this. where can I get more help? Please understand, that this is very overwhelming to me. I am excited about the software - but even with all my training there are so many things that I cannot grasp. I went to college in 1992 - we didnt have this stuff then. I learned autoCAD on DOS. I know younger folks like to **** on us older folks, But we still got it done without 3D - I am excited about the 3D make no mistake - But so many other levels to add into it!
  6. Whoaaaaaaa! That was amazing! THANK YOU! My dimensioning looks nothing like that! Its always a mess, and I have had help a number of times. But getting things to layout as well, I would love a group send of elevations. Im posting pics in a second!
  7. I started with CA X12 and am currently on CAX15 - So it’s only been a few years (Winter 2020) However, I came from an entire career in AutoCAD -- (Hated Revit & AutoCAD 3D was just horrible) I lived in 2D world from 1992 to 2020, and also am adept at hand drafting & Illustrations. With that said - I LOVE CA - it’s been a game changer for me & happy I switched. (Very) HOWEVER - taking my drawings to layout is incredibly cumbersome. Dimensioning is always difficult having to eliminate dimensions, get dimensions I need. I spent a fortune on training and my defaults are fine. Dimensions are always messy. Also, just the sheer volume of fidgeting and getting things to layout, notes, schedules etc. I have a lot of additions versus new builds as I am in New England with old housing stock, very few new builds and every single project is unique. I would love tried & true tips on how to make plan to layout easier. I already have a default template; I change plan defaults for each project. I'm just finding that this is the largest loss for my company because the sheer time it takes to move a plan to a layout can be more than the design. In AutoCAD I just drew the elevations, dimensioning was simpler (Making sure it dimensions correctly CA drives me bonkers lol) I am very happy with CA, just need help getting things to layout - so if all you sage users can share your best time saving tips I would very much appreciate it! Please scroll by if you are just going to put me down.. Ive done many many trainings, bootcamps, personal trainings etc. But I am older (50+) and sadly not the most saavy at new technology, and I am pretty patient with myself. Im just seeing the incredible amount of time it takes to get to construction documents. I would love screen shots on settings that make things easier too!
  8. ohhhhh! Vermont checking in.... They are a must here! And theres nothing like sleeping on crisp cotton sheets air dried.
  9. Thank you for this! Its much appreciated! So much support here. I often forget!
  10. Cool beans - Got it! I made this door to reflect the doors (4 panel primed shaker - Brosco) So..... Always some little nuance I'm missing it seems. Thank you kindly!
  11. This will work just fine - Getting a weird shadowing on it though. The elevations still show a square opening. Built in closets under stairwells are not uncommon. So its odd that there isnt a great capability here, if I were to do cabinet models I would polyline / Hole / Extract. I just need doors. Its for a laundry access. I will end up using a polyine box fill for elevations.
  12. Understood, but in the scope the Contractor needs to be aware that this is a custom build, and the drawings should reflect so it is not missed. We all know what happens then!