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  1. Chief architect premier X12 I need to add a bay window to my sched. what's the work around since they cannot be mulled together. Its hard enough to create a custom bumpout to add one. Also getting RO's correct is challenging to say the least... Anyone have some sage advice?
  2. Ryan Thank you! I'm very appreciative for the help!
  3. I'm trying to add leaded glass caming to a cabinet door, and have been unsuccessful. I have gotten as far as the cad block... However I cant switch to a metal finish to save and apply... I don't have the option to create as muntins. (I'm using a cabinet door from core catalog) Chief Architect V12 Premier
  4. Hi all, Chief Architect V12 Premier Most cabinet manufacturers along with custom cabinet makers will not make a cabinet door over a certain height without adding a center rail. I am looking for a way to add a center rail to a cabinet door. Additionally I would also like the option if I did this to an upper cabinet door over a certain height that I can make the upper portion glass.
  5. I set my outside wall heights and pitch. Exterior is exact. But I can't put a flat ceiling over the room as it shows up as the outside wall heights.
  6. Cool Beans, I have used this template at least 12 times without a hitch. Where do I find the default set for Moldings? I thought it was under walls? And Its not.
  7. When I change the ceiling height it changes the exterior wall heights as well. I do not want those to change. The exterior elevations ARE correct - Knee walls in one section are 60" in the other section they are 24"
  8. Plan Files, Baseboard Moldings show at top of wall. This is FROM a template and this is the first instance. Premier X12 user - Kerry & Sarah 11-17.plan
  9. Hello all, Not entirely happy m working a Sunday. But still cheerful! I have a 1900's house Im trying to recreate and add an addition on. I need to get the second story ceiling heights correct.Im sending 3 elevations with notes. Any Advice On getting the 82 - 1/2" finished ceiling to show with my outside walls in both sections varying. Exterior elevations are correct. Many Thanks!
  10. I dont mean to be thick (Im using X12 Premier) But No room Moldings IS NOT checked. The room Moldings ARE showing. Its just the baseboards are showing at the top of the wall. Correct me if Im wrong. But if I check NO room moldings then NO room Moldings..... I want my baseboards. I just want them at the floor.
  11. Happy Sunday! I started a new plan from template as Im working this weekend to catch up. However. The same template Ive used over and over again is now showing my baseboards at the top of the walls (Both stories) and not where they should be. I've never seen this before, and additionally when I edit interior or interior walls in my defaults - I quite remember a molding option - Whats up?