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  1. ChiefUserMDL

    Wall intersection priority

    SNestor, thank you! It really helps me. It seems there isn't any intersection priority (aka ArchiCAD system), but I just know a little and of course I must finish tutorial maybe I missed something. And I will try post next question in right place. Thanks again and have a nice day!
  2. ChiefUserMDL

    Wall intersection priority

    Good day all! I'm newby and I'm greeting everybody. I apologize if my question isn't in right place or wrong formatted. I tried to find answer using forum search or help resource (I've just started to study program and watching tutorials). But I didn't succeed. The question is - Can I "fix" some of my walls, especially concrete bearing wall, for any intersection form changes? For example - I have concrete 300mm concrete bearing wall A (see picture) and it cannot change under any circumstances (wall type - concrete stem). And I have regular interior light wall B (wall type - interior partition). But when I want to join B to A it looks like partition wall has bigger priority and cut my concrete wall. Why is that? And I tried use Intersection tool but it didn't help. So please, excuse my ignorance, but is there the best and fastest solution for this situation? Thanks in advance, Mark.