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  1. RenoByDesign

    Roof Overhangs

    So I did the wrench thing like you all suggest, and it does change it correctly on my hip roofs but not my gable roofs. Do you know why it changes it on one roof and not the other? And thank you everyone, I had no idea about the base lines and that the overhangs were marked off of that!!
  2. RenoByDesign

    Roof Overhangs

    Yes, and I then tried to add 6 inches to accommodate the brick and air space, which would be 32", and that didn't change anything on the plan view or elevation showing the change.
  3. RenoByDesign

    Roof Overhangs

    No. When I used the build roof option, I put that I wanted the overhangs at 26" deep as that is what the current house is... but it keeps drawing them at 20" and it won't change no matter what overhang dimension I put in there. I am new to Chief so I'm hoping is an easy/simple error on my part.
  4. RenoByDesign

    Roof Overhangs

    Pariona Proposed Drawing_Roof lines.plan
  5. RenoByDesign

    Roof Overhangs

  6. RenoByDesign

    Roof Overhangs

    Here is the plan view
  7. RenoByDesign

    Roof Overhangs

    When I'm building my roof, I put in a dimension for my roof overhang and it doesn't matter what number I put in the dialog box, it only draws it at 20" deep. What am I doing wrong? I need to fix this so I can draw my roof lines correctly and send out for a roofing quote. I am using Chief Architect Premier X12. Thank you, Melissa