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  1. That worked perfectly, Eric, thank you very much. I tried again to delete the walls and they would just show up again. Deleting the entire floor did it.
  2. I checked and indeed there were attic walls. Unfortunately, I deleted them all and it didn't change anything, other than now the interior walls no longer reach the roof plane.
  3. Image attached. Added version to my signature line. Thank you, Solver.
  4. Trying to do a simple proof of concept so I can go GC shopping and I'm mostly concerned about the terrain heights I'm stuck with. Attached plan has a garage with a shed roof, the back wall designated as High Shed/Gable and the two side walls designated as Full Gable. But those three walls won't reach the top of the automatically generated shed roof plane. I tried designating all four walls as Attic, but still no go. I can adjust the High Shed wall in cross section view but can't do the same accurately on the two side Gable walls. What's weird is that both interior walls DO reach the roof
  5. Yes, much, MUCH better. Thank you!
  6. That's exactly the information I was seeking. Thank you.
  7. I don't, just the elevations on the four corners. The neighborhood was laid out in the 1890, most of the houses built around 1900, but my duplex was a latecomer in 1931. My guess is that the homeowner next door owned and graded my lot as either a very large yard (by city standards) or some sort of commercial operation like a livery yard. A livery yard would make sense since the property was in the middle of several streetcar lines and back then the streetcars were still pulled by horses.
  8. Thinking of scraping the existing duplex off and building new. I have elevation data on each of the four corners of the lot; the property slopes down slightly from the southwest to northeast, but the existing building pad (shared with the house next door south) is raised about 6' high from the south front sidewalk line (southeast), about 7' on the north front sidewalk line (northeast) (Google street view shown). Coincidentally, the front left corner and back right corner elevation levels are identical, so I have three elevation lines, running diagonally inside (and outside) the te
  9. I tried taking 5300' off of each elevation line, changing them to 13'–18' range. No luck. Thank you. I'll buy new software.
  10. II hate to waste someone's time with a stupid question, but here's the plan. I'll have to read up on layersets and try to do as you suggest. I did look in a material list and it's empty. 3RH_Terrain_Nov'20_2020_11_10.plan
  11. Doing a Render Full Overview results in a view from very far away. I have to go into Camera Orbit Tools and click on Move Camera In about 70 times to get the terrain perimeter to fill the screen. Terrain elevation lines set to absolute elevations, about a mile high. Should they be set to relative values? CA 10.04a Full Version Pentium Dual Core 3.2Ghz AMD Radeon HD7000 1GB Windows 7 Home Premium