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  1. zbrant57

    3D PDF

    just so you'll know, i'm not really interested in this from an architectural stand point so textures and layers don't come into the picture for me, i just want to be able to send a 3d capable file that is easily read by most people with a computer hence adobe reader,. the file you see is a foundation design on a very steep slope, micropiles up top to hold up a parking deck and structure utilizing steel columns and beams, lowered section with treated studs is a pool in the basement and a cantilevered back deck which will be around 45' off the ground
  2. zbrant57

    3D PDF

    Thanks everyone again, rod, great suggestion, i dont have turbocad but i do have avicad, and it can do the same thing, sucess!!!! see attached 3d pdf 3DPIROUMIAN.pdf
  3. zbrant57

    3D PDF

    thanks for all the input guys, i guess with chief architect a 3 pdf just isn't the way to go, am just looking for an easy way to share a 3d viewer file with clients. One that has the ability to be rotated and navigated thru without having to have clients download a chief architect viewer., thanks much for the insight.
  4. zbrant57

    3D PDF

    Does anybody know how to print to a 3d PDF with chief architect??? Thanks much