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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm gonna see if I can replicate what Glenn suggests.
  2. rlackore Posted 1 hour ago Turn off Hide Terrain Intersected by Building. If I turn that off then the terrain flows into/through the house. I also created a terrain hole to the exact size of the exterior walls but that doesn't help. Attached are two images of the concept. In the first you can see the sky between the house and the terrain. The terrain needs to completely envelope the house up to where it curves down. The hill side is much higher and steeper, I've truncated it quite a lot for the initial work. The roof style has not yet been decided, at this point is all just conceptual.
  3. I'd like to know if CA can do this (so far I've failed at getting it to work correctly) -- a very steep hillside, small lot, house that has about 3/4 of it inside the hillside (completely enveloped by the hillside as if it were a cave). When I try to do this in CA I end up with an empty space around the structure where the terrain doesn't clip it. How do I get the terrain to actually hit up against the exterior walls?