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  1. Nope I done. I decide to go with my old idea (with mods). thanks your feedback was helpful. Now the next stop which I not sure of. Jerry
  2. thanks. i could not load your plan since i have a old of software. but jpeg comment was readable. jerry
  3. Hope gawdzira approves of my copying. How this. basedongawdzira.plan
  4. I was a computer scientist and now zoom is beyond me. My memory is gone is in spots. Phone and spoken Lang are not good either. I will post update and appreciate comments. My email I can do but that is difficult. right now gawdzira inputs we’re good. I will post a new plan when I get it. Any comments be welcome. once I have a plan, I was I need professional to make design spec. I don’t how to find one and what cost. jerry
  5. I had a stroke 2.5 years ago while at my condo in NH. Since my stroke; I have aphasia, spasticity, dead right side. I can’t talk due to aphasia but I can write. Can’t do much without help but the stroke was expected. A stroke disorder runs in the family. My family sold the condo but not the land in NH for a house. I bought land before my stroke. My long term plan (before the stroke) was build a house on it and live on it. I still dream. I know, no one believe me. Anyway, I have a one story house and I designed design. Any thoughts. Things is I need help with: Q1: crawl space or slab ? things look dry and slab would be money saver. The would determine the ramp also. But, most houses have crawl space and basements. I favor crawl space because I am afraid not be different. Q2: Is the bathroom ok ? Q3: i was thinking a heat pump for heat but should I just do electric ? Q4: Home Depot or Lowe on most generics. hickory vinyl flooring is ok. But I was thinking of triple pane windows and installation. Any comments? Now what ? I Never did this ? House plans spec is what I need. Thanks Jerry 2bd-nogarage-crawlspace.plan