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    Roof Plan Roof Plane Display

    Hey all, Sorry for the slight tongue-twister of a title. I'm here with another novice question. When creating roof plans to send to layout, I'm running into an issue. After I choose to display all of my roof planes on the same level, they appear as though the program is deliberately displaying the lower roof planes on top of those that should be above. I've attached a couple snips showing an example of how one of my roof plans is drafted and another two with what that plan looks like in plan view. It's in the roof plan view but it looks the same regardless of the layer set I use. Much Obliged
  2. JamesKCI

    Roof Plan Roof Plane Display

    Hmm. I somehow COMPLETELY missed that command when I was sorting through them. This did the trick! Thank you so much.
  3. JamesKCI

    Exterior Stair Question

    Hey All, My company is in the process of making the switch from Autodesk Revit to Chief Arch (Version X12) and I have been spending my time trying to create a lot of commonly used design elements we use on our plans but I have run into a hiccup. I'm trying to create a small, inset-type staircase (attached image is what I've done in Revit in the past) that is typically used on our plans to go from grade-level sidewalk to the main floor elevation. In my attempts, stairs either fail to recognize the elements around them or if I create them like I would in Revit in creates this garbled configuration where the stairs are their own room and the footprint of the stairs themselves cut a hole through the roof. Checking Forums, YouTube, and the Chief site have all yielded nothing and I in my limited knowledge cannot figure it out. What am I missing?