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  1. JasonMWebb

    CMU Vertical Cell Reinforcement

    Yes, that is the end result.
  2. JasonMWebb

    CMU Vertical Cell Reinforcement

    Yes, I would prefer an automated way - much like framing or trusses work (ever x feet/inches) and special considerations for corners of foundation. It would be a shame to have to drag and drop every single vertical cell reinforcement. But I would settle for any work around.
  3. JasonMWebb

    CMU Vertical Cell Reinforcement

    Is there a way to generate the vertical cell reinforcement objects in a CMU foundation plan? I am looking for something along the lines of what is in this diagram (from another system). It is a common requirement for foundations. Please refer to the small squares grouped at the corners of the foundation drawing attached. Note that I am using Chief Architect Premier X12 (latest build). The detail drawing for this object would look similar to this: